Mom? Is That You?

May 24, 2010

I’ve noticed that my brand new blog has quite a few readers today. I’m hoping a few of you may not be related to me! So who are you? (I’d really love to know.) And what do you want from me? (Have questions? I’ll answer them. Complaints? I’ll pretend to listen politely. Lavish praise? Oh please have lavish praise. I adore lavish praise.)


7 Responses to “Mom? Is That You?”

  1. Reggie Says:

    Hi Kirsten!

    It’s me, Reggie, from The Undercover Book Lover…I interviewed you a few weeks ago for my blog! I’ll be posting the review and interview this week!

    And you are SOOOOOOO luckkky to be going to BEA! I wish I could go and meet you! That would’ve been wicked awesome!

    Reggie =)

  2. who am i?? well I’m dangerous for one, and I LOVE to read. I do have one question (I asked about a billion on the other blog) Do you play any instruments?? Lavish praise?? I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!! I think you’re verrrrrry interesting, and I love both of your blogs!!

  3. Danielle Says:

    I just finished your book, I was lucky enough to revieve it to review. It was AMAZING. I loved it. Are you going to write a sequal? Of there next life maybe?

  4. Hi Reggie, great to see you here! I’m excited to see the interview!

    Hi Katy. You are a very busy girl. It’s almost as if you’re everywhere at once! I am ashamed to admit I have no musical skills whatsoever. Sad. Very sad.

    Danielle–thanks so much! I am working on a sequel right now, as a matter of fact.

  5. Marisa Terwilliger Says:

    Me? I’m a reader, a dreamer, and friend to all. I love easily, but find it hard to hate even my enemies. I have many names: Genna, Twizzler, Bookworm, and that weird girl who is kinda insane.I find your books to be wonderful. I love the moon. Sometimes I am lost. My name backwards is Asiram.

  6. maxima Says:

    Hi! I am a very addicted reader. I’ve read your books so many times, and have even created an Irregular’s guide based off of the bits of information you put in your books! :D.
    Call me crazy.

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