I Can’t Help Myself

May 28, 2010

It’s not Eternal Ones related, but I was on the Today Show yesterday, talking about my very first book, Kiki Strike. Check out the video!

And a big thanks to all of the people I met at BEA yesterday! I hope you all enjoy The Eternal Ones!


3 Responses to “I Can’t Help Myself”

  1. sombrita Says:

    This is such a late comment, but I just was going through here, and I loved Kiki Strike. I’m a huge fan! (And this is slightly unrelated, I suppose, but everyone kept pronouncing your name “Kristen” or “Kersten”…which is it? I have a friend named Kirsten, but she pronounces her name “K-ear-sten” kind of.)
    This blog is all really interesting, and I’m very excited for The Eternal Ones to come out!
    (Sorry if this bothered you at all, seeing how it was sort of random.)

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