Past Lives and Soul Mates

June 2, 2010

One of the reasons it can be difficult to take the notion of reincarnation seriously is that much of what’s been written on the subject (on and offline) is painfully cheesy. Or just plain nuts. Or clearly written under the influence of patchouli.

(Quick, somewhat related side note:  I recently saw a clip of some TV show in which the designer Isaac Mizrahi announced that he and his dog were both nuns in the same 16th century convent. Sweet and charming, but a bit bonkers, if you ask me. Sorry Isaac.)

So I am a little hesitant to bring up the subject of soul mates. In fact the phrase makes me squirm a bit. (I’ve never been one of those gushy romantic types. Though I did get a little weepy when I saw this. I’m only human, after all.) So let’s get rid of all the frilly language and ask one simple question:  Are there people out there we’re meant to meet?

I’d like to hear your gut answers on this one. (The answers that pop into your heads before you recall your philosophy or theology classes.)

Here’s mine. Yes. Though I can’t tell you how or why. And I don’t think “soul mates” are always romantic in nature.

I have always been a rather shy person, but throughout my life I’ve come across a handful of people who have instantly set me at ease. (My husband is one of them.) It has nothing to do with their personalities. (My husband, for example, is a rather gruff Scotsman.) Instead it’s a strange sense that I’ve known these people forever–that the ice between us was broken long ago.

There have also been  people I’ve hated at first sight. Most of them are lazy @#$@&#s who insist on taking elevators one floor up (my personal pet peeve), but a few must have been my mortal enemies at some point in the past. For instance . . . years ago I worked with a woman who detested me from the first moment we met (hi Naomi) and dedicated herself to making me miserable. (And she was a master. I assure you.) Unfortunately I was not in a position to fight back, so I had to take her abuse. I don’t know how we came to despise one another, but our mutual hatred was too powerful to have been the product of a single lifetime. I haven’t seen her in years, but I STILL have homicidal fantasies about this woman. And I’m usually all about peace, love, and happiness. (OK, maybe not. But I’m generally pretty pleasant.) Hey, Naomi. You may have won this round, but I swear . . . if there’s a way, I’m coming back for you later.

Sorry about that. Let’s get back to the question at hand. Are there people we’re meant to meet?


4 Responses to “Past Lives and Soul Mates”

  1. Did you name naomi throgmorton (from kiki strike) after your mortal enemy??

  2. Marisa Says:

    I do believe it was Plato (or Socrates I’m not 100% sure) who wrote that man once had two heads and four arms and legs. Fearing how powerful these creatures Zeus split them in half. Thus leaving us to search for our other halves. Our Soul-Mates.
    Now I am also very sceptically soul mates but I find this theory interesting. Though sometimes I feel like there is someone out there for me and them I feel fairly silly.

  3. xXCeeLee Says:

    To think that somewhere out there in this big, wide, overpopulated world, there’s someone you’re destined to be with, it’s a nice feeling. It definintely eases some of my doubts and worries about love.

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