The Ouroboros Society is Recruiting

June 4, 2010

Have you had a chance to check it out? (I’ve been trying to upload the fabulous Ouroboros Society brochure that’s been handed out all over the country, but I’m afraid I’m having technical difficulties. Below is one small part.)


7 Responses to “The Ouroboros Society is Recruiting”

  1. bravechickens Says:

    I know I sound like a party-pooper on this blog, but I don’t belive in reincarnation at all. So the Ouroboros Society… it’s kinda creepy.

  2. Eva Millman Says:

    Just for fun? What about those who actually believe it? What about those who took the story seriously? And want help in finding out more?…. That’s cruel…

    • Gene Says:

      Is this Eva Millman from the Bronx, N.Y., This is Gene ,reincarnate.

      • Eva Millman Says:

        I live in Canada. I wanted to speak to someone about the Society. I haven’t gotten any answers and the more I look, the less I learn. I hope maybe you can talk to me? I was very emotional on October 3rd.

  3. Kevin Joseph Rupp Says:

    Im looking for a way to contact the society. I need to speak with someone there does anyone know how?

  4. snowyair Says:

    I BELIEVE, so much this is my life and i need to connect with them so that, i can learn who i was in my 10 previous lives!!!!!! Don’t hate appreciate!!!!!!

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