An Update on My Friendly Ghost

June 10, 2010

(Above: The Tulip Staircase Ghost)

So my super cool landlady came over for dinner this past weekend. She’s a sculptor who creates enormous artworks out of metal and wood (gotta love a lady who’s good with a blowtorch), and she’s lived and worked in this part of Brooklyn since before I was born. Which means she’s been here forever.

I was a little hesitant to mention the ghost I wrote about last month. (You never know how people will respond to ghost stories–particularly when they and the ghosts share the same home.) But my landlady and I started talking about the history of the house (she thinks it may have housed a brothel in the 20s or 30s), and the subject of the building’s previous residents came up.

Apparently some of them have never left.

I hadn’t mentioned anything ghostly when my landlady casually remarked that one of her previous tenants had been standing where my dining room table now rests when she saw the figure of a woman descending the stairs from the top floor of the apartment. The tenant’s boyfriend witnessed the apparition as well, which they both described as being made out of “ectoplasm.”

The boyfriend was terrified. The tenant, like me, was shocked and surprised–but not terribly frightened. There’s something about this ghost that doesn’t bother me at all. (Although I really hope I don’t step out of the shower someday to find her looking back at me from the bathroom mirror.)

What really piqued my interest about the landlady’s story is that I’ve also heard noises on the stairs when I’ve been home alone. Perhaps I should set up a video camera and see if I can catch a ghost or two?


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