Who Were You?

June 12, 2010

(Above: That’s me with my friends Anais and Odette. We joined the Resistance in ’42.)

Okay, let’s make this a little more interesting.

There’s only one subject that bores me to tears: Kirsten Miller. So let’s talk about you instead. Here’s what we’ll do . . .

Send me a picture of yourself–one you feel captures your personality–and I will tell you who you were in a previous life. Do I have the credentials to be offering this kind of service? No. (Although I have seen a ghost–does that count?) But I suspect I may have a special talent for peering into the past. Let’s see what you think.

Here are the rules . . .

1. Send ONE photo to kikistrike@gmail.com. (The picture and the story will be published here.)

2. Title your email, “Who was I?” (This is important. I get a lot of mail, and I wouldn’t want to miss your note.)

3. Do not give me any additional information about yourself.

4. Your past lives will be revealed on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. You can’t complain about your past life. You probably weren’t Cleopatra. (Although who knows?)

6. The fun will start on Monday, June 14th.


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