You Were: The Girl Who Saw Everything

June 14, 2010

(Who Are You? #1)

In certain small Hungarian towns not far from the Romanian border, you are still known as the Girl Who Saw Everything. You grew up in one of those hamlets, the daughter of pig farmers and the sixth of twelve children. From the moment you learned how to walk, you would patrol your village, keeping an eye on the neighbors. Some considered you a nuisance. (Particularly those who caught you peeping in their windows.) Others came to rely on you to investigate and solve petty crimes. (Mostly goat or pig thefts. Your siblings were usually the culprits.)

Over time, you earned so much respect that you were the only young woman allowed out of her house after sunset. One evening in 1241 (or 1242, I can’t be sure), you were hunting down a purloined goat when you detected the sweet fragrance of roasted meat wafting from a cave on the outskirts of town. Hoping to catch the thief greasy-handed, you tiptoed to the opening of the cave and spied three men feasting (to put it politely) on the poor creature. Their distinctive smell and atrocious table manners told you they couldn’t have been raised in your town. (Your village was one of the few in 13th century Eastern Europe that insisted on the proper use of forks and knives.) Their horses and gear identified the men as scouts for the dreaded Mongol army. Their presence meant that more enemy troops would arrive within days, and your entire village would be annihilated.

You’ve been a quick thinker in all of your lives, and this time you knew exactly what to do–nothing. The cave the men had chosen was home to a pack of bloodthirsty wolves who would be drawn back home by the smell of meat. Although they liked goat, they preferred their dinners raw. Let’s just say the wolves ate very well that night.

The next morning, the people of your town evacuated to a nearby fortress, and you rode throughout the region warning other villages of the horrors to come. (You’ve always been an excellent horsewoman, am I right?) Some chose not to listen to a young girl and met with terrible fates. Most managed to move their people to safety. As a token of their gratitude, the people of western Hungary gave you two hundred goats and the hand of the best looking young man around. (It’s a good thing you liked him, or that could have been awkward.)

Forty years later, when you died of an infected fingernail, you were rich, happy, and surrounded by your beloved goats (and children).


3 Responses to “You Were: The Girl Who Saw Everything”

  1. that sounds quite like me! although I’m terrified of horses (childhood experience, I think)
    This was fun thank you!!

  2. Ha. Too bad about the horses. Must have been an incident in a later life.

  3. Cricket Says:

    Picture looks like it took place around the Cement Caves on Nassau, Bahamas

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