You Were: The Original Snow White

June 18, 2010

(Who Was I? #3)

You were the woman who served as the inspiration for Snow White. But what most people don’t realize is that the legend had slightly  . . . well . . . unusual roots. (And the seven dwarfs were just a gimmick dreamed up by the Grimm brothers. Let’s just go ahead and get that nonsense out of the way right now.)

The real Snow White lived in the forests of France around 1566. Even as a little girl, you had a special way with animals. Your gift was partly due to the respect you showed for all living creatures. But it had more to do with the little morsels of food you kept in secret pockets sewn all over your only dress. Every time you stepped outside your hovel, (it was a cute, charming hovel–not the sort you’re imagining right now), all the woodland creatures would rush greet you. Squirrels, deer, and wild boar followed behind you wherever you went. It made certain things a bit difficult. Like sneaking up on people—or visiting the toilet.

The citizens of the forest believed you’d been born with super-natural powers, and you weren’t in a hurry to set them straight. In fact, you learned how to craft healing potions and predict the weather just to enhance your aura of mystery. By the time you were sixteen, people would travel for miles to catch a glimpse of the strange red-headed girl (you’ve been a ginger in all of your lives) who rode wolves, healed wounds, and slept curled up next to the bears.

Enter the evil stepmother. Yours was particularly nasty specimen. (It may have been due to a Vitamin B deficiency brought about by the lack of meat in her diet. It’s hard to eat meat when a bunch of animals are always watching.) She hated you from the moment you met. (Why? That’s a story from another life. But I can commiserate.) And she despised you even more once you became a celebrity. So she spent most of your childhood trying to murder you. Each and every time, your animal friends managed to save your behind. (A poor bear gobbled up the infamous poison apple. He didn’t die, but the results weren’t pretty.)

When you reached your twenties, it was all getting a bit boring. Your average week went something like this:  Wicked stepmother tries to kill you, animals come to your rescue, wicked stepmother apologizes, father pretends nothing happened.

Finally, the cycle came to an end. One day, a prince arrived in the  forest to hunt wild boar. (I use the term “prince” loosely. I think he might have been a carpenter. But you get the idea.) He was cute, but he couldn’t really ride a horse. Or shoot a bow. Or tell a boar from a bear. And when he fell off his mount and cut his head on a tree trunk, he had no idea how to stop the bleeding. That’s when you showed up.  You promised to heal him if he quit hunting and converted to vegetarianism. Your prince agreed a little too easily. You thought maybe you should ask for more (after all, you were saving his life), so you demanded he take you far far away from your wicked stepmother. Again, he agreed a little too easily.

By the time you kicked the bucket at 86, your prince had done whatever he could to meet your every demand. You had a small army of vegetarian children, a lovely hand-crafted house, and 541 pets.


One Response to “You Were: The Original Snow White”

  1. Thank you for a lovely past life!

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