What People Are Saying About “Who Were You?”

June 28, 2010

Why should YOU send in your photo for a past life reading? Listen to what our first brave volunteers have said about this AMAZING service . . .

“You’re probably better at this then you realize.”

“You made my day!”

“This is scary . . .”

“That sounds quite like me!”

“You are a genius, Kirsten Miller, and I plan to name all of my children after the characters in your book. Starting with Haven.”

(Yes, I made up that last one. But I’m sure that’s what someone was thinking!)

Check out the new reading posted below!


One Response to “What People Are Saying About “Who Were You?””

  1. Jessica Says:

    Dear, Kirsten…

    I’m really interested in getting a past-life reading!! 😀
    How do you get one done here, exactly?
    Email me a response if you can, please!!

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