One Month, Two Weeks, and Two Days

July 1, 2010

Until The Eternal Ones comes out on August 10th! (Of course there’s no need to wait thanks to the wonders of the Internet. Anyone who pre-orders can send her/his book to me for a signature–and possibly a little something extra!)

In the meantime, I’m really loving these past life readings. Anyone who hasn’t sent in a picture should check out all of my satisfied customers! There will be another tomorrow. (Past life reading, I mean. We’ll wait to see if the customer is satisfied!)

For all of you who’ve ever wondered who you might have been, here are the instructions . . .

1. Send ONE photo to (The picture and the story will be published here.)

2. Title your email, “Who was I?” (This is important. I get a lot of mail, and I wouldn’t want to miss your note.)

3. Do not give me any additional information about yourself.

4. Your past lives will be revealed on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. You can’t complain about your past life. You probably weren’t Cleopatra. (Although who knows?)


12 Responses to “One Month, Two Weeks, and Two Days”

  1. Lioness Says:

    how do we pre-order? 🙂

  2. bravechickens Says:

    This blog is wonderful! 🙂

    Is the release date the same worldwide?

  3. Nolwenn Says:

    But i thought that “pre-order” meant “you pay now and we’ll send the book when it will officially be out” ???

  4. Daisy Says:

    i seriously want to pre-order it from amazon but my mother keeps on harassing me about how i keep on spending all her money that she doesn’t have (i guess i’ll have to stop buying so many clothes for a while). plus it costs even more in australian dollars and with shipping.

    i will definitely get it sometime soon though. do you know if it would be released in stores like k-mart? that’s where i first chanced upon kiki strike…

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