Win an AUDIOBOOK of The Eternal Ones!

July 9, 2010

That’s right. You may have gotten your hands on an ARC, but only I (and my publisher) have copies of the new audiobook, read by actress Emma Galvin. And let me tell you, it is awesome. 50 hours of awesome, to be exact. (Or not. I have no idea how long it is.) A ten trillion dollar value!

One of my favorite things to do is listen to the James Bond theme while I’m riding the subway. Suddenly everyone becomes more dangerous and mysterious. So just imagine listening to The Eternal Ones as you drive through the rural South. Or fly over Manhattan. Or loiter outside Gramercy Park. (They love that, you know.) Suddenly passersby will appear strangely familiar, and you’ll start spotting snakes everywhere that you look.

So, here’s the deal. I will send one of these amazing audiobooks to the person who pens the most amusing SINGLE-LINE description of one of my past lives. (And puts it in the comments section of this post.) Sunday morning, I will pick the winner, and my choice will be completely arbitrary. Because that’s life, right?

Good luck.


15 Responses to “Win an AUDIOBOOK of The Eternal Ones!”

  1. Haha this is going to be interesting. Um, here’s my attempt at understanding how to enter:

    In one of your past lives you were an ostentatious hectapus that stuck to the uneven environment of the ocean, stalking other innocent sea creatures to pass your time.

    I have no idea if the thing I just wrote makes sense to enter for this audiobook, butt here you go ! A hectapus is real 😀 It’s an octapus, but with six legs. And because it has six legs, it is a hectapus, not an octopus. But thank you for this awesome contest!


  2. bravechickens Says:

    I’m completely prefectly normal (JK, I see dead people).

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by PenguinTeen. PenguinTeen said: Win an audiobook copy of #theeternalones! […]

  4. Chloe Says:

    I’m just doing this for fun! 🙂 here it goes!:

    You were the oldest daughter of a great Russian general where you helped plan the most clever war strategies and were nicknamed “The Silent Spirit” for your quick stealthy personality.

  5. Kartoffel Says:

    “I pass on the information I collect as a big boss of CIA to a secret Alien society.”

  6. “I’m basicly just like myself execpt I lived in a cave and probably wasn’t a vegetarian…”

  7. Kari Says:

    I got to read the book from a book buyer here in my home town! I thought the book was just awesome! I will still have to buy it just to see if there are any changes,but for what I can tell it doesnt need any changes to it!!!I will highly recommend it not just for kids(teenagers) but for adults too!

  8. Toodles*** Says:

    You were a simple Maya girl, livingaround 500 AD with a great interest in discovering and exploring new places, such as stepped pyramids, and you later became a scribe in Maya courts.

  9. Toodles*** Says:

    I forgot to say that that was my attempt for predicting your past.

  10. essy Says:

    You were a beautiful Amazonian warrior, nicknamed ‘Silent Shadow’, wanted by all the men, envyed by all the women; but that didn’t matter, all that mattered to you was the hunt.

  11. Emma Says:


    Just wanted to say I’m Emma the one who read your book!!! I stumbled upon this web page and thought I would say hi. And I wanted to tell you (Kirsten Miller) that I had a wonderful time working on it, so thank you so much for your words.

    All My Best,

    Emma Galvin

  12. Emma! Thanks so much for stopping by! You are truly fabulous. I knew it the first moment I heard your voice. I’m so glad you read the book!


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