Ladies and Gentlemen, The Day Has Arrived

August 10, 2010

Don’t walk, don’t run, SPRINT to your local bookstore! Kidding, of course! I’m trying to think of something I can do to celebrate. You know what? I think I’ll have hot dogs for lunch. Cause that’s the kind of classy chick I am. (No. I am not joking. Sorry vegans. There’s a really awesome hot dog restaurant near my house. See, that’s why New York is great. We have restaurants exclusively devoted to gourmet hot dogs.) Then, maybe I’ll walk on over to the local bookstore and see if there are any bright red books on display. (Or maybe not. That kind of thing makes me anxious.) If any of you have a suggestion for my day of leisure, please don’t hesitate to send it in.

But first, I shall regale you with another past life reading. While you’re waiting for that, feel free to peruse the interviews below. And please, now that you know everything about me, don’t assume my identity. Unless you have a really good idea for a novel you’d like to write. In that case, feel free to be me for a while.

Check out author Ally Condie’s blog! She’ll have a review of TEO and possibly even an interview with moi! Those of you who can’t stomach another word about me, you should definitely read up on Ally’s upcoming book, Matched. It is awesome. Truly awesome.

Here’s my interview with Hope’s Bookshelf!

My interview with The Story Siren!

My interview with Bookworming in the 21st Century!

(By the way, these are all wonderful book blogs for those of you who are into the whole reading thing.)

And last, but certainly not least, I’ve been told that my guest post on Montana Irregulars awesome blog (which is devoted to the weird and wonderful) will be up later today!

I think I’m up to date, but if I’ve missed anyone, please write in and yell at me. (Tomorrow, please. Today is my special day!)


19 Responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Day Has Arrived”

  1. Victoria Thurman Says:

    Hi, I only heard of you and your book TEO last week. I was reading Kristen Nelson’s blog and she mentioned your book. Naturally it peaked my interst and I had to look you up. I have to wait until Thursday to get it, b/c that’s pay day. But I am very excited for you. Hopefully one day my name will be on a book. Can’t wait to read yours and I hope you have a great day- I know you’ve earned it. 🙂
    Victoria Thurman
    Chattanooga, TN

  2. E.V. Says:

    OH MY GOD! I love! the eternall ones, it is my new favourite book! i live in ireland (the little iland that is shaped like a teddy beside england!) and my mum works in watterstones, and she is going to put the book face out, and i am going to force all my friends to buy the book! You’ve deffinatly got a bestseller on your hands! I hope when i’m older and get my books published that someone might feel the way about my books the way i do about yours!

    I LUVED IT!!!!!! LUV E.V.! Plus, will there be a sequel??????… luved it (i just cant stop saying it!)

  3. well I put the guest post up on montana irregulars!

  4. I gotta look up Kristen Nelson’s blog! I hope you like the book, Victoria, and good luck with your own.

    And . . . my book has hit Ireland! How amazing is that??? Thank you so much, EV! BTW yes, there WILL be a sequel! Possibly quite soon!

  5. E.V. Says:

    I just read the book proof that was sent to the store (my mum gets me to read the teenage ones), i’m not sure if it is in the store yet, but i told my mum that ur great book must be on the shelf, and after readinng it she agreed. So wether it is out yet or not, it will be in Waterstones, newry, ireland, as soon as it can!

  6. Mystery Jellyfish Says:

    In my copy, I am holding the Eternal One’s with it’s glossy red cover. It’s funny how I got it. I went to Borders, and checked the teen, and kids section, (finding Kiki Strike there of course) and found nothing. I then checked the computer, and it said that they didn’t sell it at the store. I was crushed. I’ve been waiting 8 months, and I have to wait some more. Then it happened. I bet Kiki was watching over me, or something. I asked the lady who works there, and she went over by the cart, and handed me a brand spankin new Eternal One’s in my hands, with a smile. Thank goodness I went early, because there was only three left! I was jumping for joy, and giddy with excitement. I payed for it with my gift card, and a coupon, and I think I’m on chapter 8 or 9. Back to reading!!

    -MJ (no not Micheal Jackson, it’s stands for Mystery Jellyfish!)

    P.S. As a long time fan, who has loved Kiki Strike,I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

  7. MJ: Send me a note at, and I’ll find a way to sign it, if you’d like!


  8. Victoria Thurman Says:

    Hi, Kirsten, what an exciting day. After reading these notes, I may sacrifice a dime and go get it. 🙂 I am on my way to the library (wonder if they have it?) to attend a two hour writing workshop. Yippeee!

  9. Kitty Says:

    I just bought it and it’s amazing X3 Beats Twilight lol [no offence Twilight fans]

  10. Lioness Says:

    I just got it and the cover. is. soooooo. shiny!!!! gaahh! im soooo excited!

  11. sombrita Says:

    I’ll try not to post any spoilerish things but just in case…[SPOILERS D:]

    I read it today 😀 It took me probably five straight hours, not even stopping for dinner (which I ate while reading it). I laughed and I cried and it was so wonderful! Really, these days there are almost no good books written–but yours was definitely amazing! I hope that someday I can write this well (I love to write even though I’m just a kid) and get something as great as this published!

    I absolutely loved it, just as much as the Kiki Strike books (which I read last year, and again this year).

    Because I’m a total geek and kept track of stuff I really liked, on page 91, the crack about Imogene catching sight of her own reflection made me laugh. At the beginning of chapter 42, when Haven scrubbed the toilet with a certain somebody’s toothbrush, was really funny. And Beau was amazing. I liked the comment about Iain being a slut, not Marta, on page like 200-something was really funny. Also, I think a lot of the book was really, really deep. Like Padma talking about how greedy humans are, or some of the things Adam said…
    And now I’ll stop with that stuff because this probably sounds totally creepy D:

    And I really don’t usually like romances (in fact, I’ve tended to hate them) but I was totally into the whole thing (although I got mad at Haven a few times for not seeing certain people the way I saw them). I actually loved the couple and all that, and I felt so bad at certain points. And there were so many good plot twists, too, and the characters were well-developed and three-dimensional also.

    If you didn’t want to read the whole dribble I just wrote, in short: The Eternal Ones is now up on my favorite books list (which is really short, I’m a picky person, haha, I even hope to one day be an editor) and it saved me from writing summer-assigned essays! 😀

    Thank you for writing it!

  12. maria llivicura Says:

    Hi! I don’t know if you check the comments but I thought I’d leave one anyways. So today I got out of work (I work at the mall), and I had about an hour till my bus arrived and whisked me away to my house. I always end up in barnes and nobles…i should probably get a membership card. Anyways, I am 18 and idgaf if people look at me funny because I’m in the teen section where vampire inspired books seem too overpopulate any other type of book. I was contemplating whether to buy any, seeing as I haven’t gotten paid yet. But I saw the new arrival section, I wasn’t very interested but a very shiny (vinyl red) hardcover book caught my attention, as well as the tittle. I picked up your book and read that little excerpt on the flap and my insides were fighting. I knew I had to get it, and I knew my budget was low..but not low enough i couldnt buy some books. there were 6 minutes till my bus arrived (it ended up arriving 20 minutes late, and i got a horrible tan waiting) and i made my decision. The girl ringing me up told me she had gotten an advanced reading and loved it, i was enthralled and smiling. I read it on the bus, when i got home, when i was eating dinner, when i was in my room, after cake and the rest of the night. I finished at 11:24pm. WOW. I seriously loved it, I almost cried at one point. I had texted one of my best friends the whole time at moments where I couldn’t hold in the anxiety or suspense. I texted her ho confused I was, how I couldn’t stand the lies, I didn’t know who to trust, every page held riveting information that just confused me even more. I always finish great books in one night. I had no idea it was released today but let me tell you, you are an amazing write. The ending had me surprised, hysterical, happy and then…confused, shocked, appalled, scared and praying for a sequel 😀 Amazing, thank you so much :]

  13. Sombrita & Maria: Oh wow! You guys! I’m so flattered and honored. Thank you both for writing in and sharing your stories!

    (And yep, there will be a sequel!)

  14. maria llivicura Says:

    Oh gosh I just smiled from joy 😀 Thats great I cannot wait for it :] Is there any way i could get it signed? Will you be having a tour?

  15. Rebecca Says:

    I realize it’s no longer August 10th, but after reading some of these comments I just had to let you know that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE ETERNAL ONES. Early in September I was at Borders looking at stuff for my desk at work, because for once I had some money in my wallet. When I decided that I was spending too much money and made my way to the register I made a side-trip to the graphic novels just to parooze. After my mom started getting antsy I finally started heading towards the register, but not before noticing the bright red cover of your book. It’s kind of silly, but the moment I saw the ouroboros I knew right then and there that it didn’t matter if the book was $50, $60–$100!!–I was walking out of the store with it.
    Despite the fact that I was on my way to spend an evening with my stepdad’s family, I started reading the book the second I got in the car and I didn’t put it down even when I accidentally got some of my exfoliating face wash in my eye. If my sister weren’t reading the book I’m sure I would have re-read it Lord knows how many times by now.
    Thank you so much for deciding you wanted to write books for a living and inspiring me to keep the same career as my #1 choice. I can’t wait for the sequel and more of your works in general 🙂

  16. Julie Says:

    whoa, this has book has just recently become my favorite book in three years, and i was scrolling through here, and it came out on my birthday!(: isn’t that amazing.(:

  17. Alex Greer Says:

    I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED the Eternal Ones! I read it at least a dozen times at the library then I went and bought it! 🙂 Sooo good! My best friend just read my copy and she loved it as well. 🙂 Are you going to write a sequel? Please say yes! And that it won’t take til 2012 to get here!! 🙂 Thank you for the Eternal Ones.

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