News Flash!

September 11, 2010

Tomorrow, I’m going to be at the Brooklyn Book Festival, moderating a panel with three AMAZING authors! Perhaps the names Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars), Lauren Oliver (Before I Fall), and Jenny Han (The Summer I Turned Pretty) ring some bells? I’m going to grill them on one of the biggest questions of all:  Is it possible to live “happily ever after?” So if you’re in town, be sure to stop by at two on Sunday and say hi!

And there’s another exciting development to report. Starting September 20th, I will be interviewing author Brenna Yovanoff right here on this very blog! I’ll also be posting a review of her terrifying (in the best way) new novel, The Replacement. Don’t miss it!

Last of all, I’m thinking of making a slight change to our very popular “WHO WERE YOU?” game. Quite a few of you have volunteered, and I really want to get to everyone. So I’m thinking of offering shorter readings–but posting them more frequently! If there aren’t any objections, I’ll go ahead and get started on the next one!


9 Responses to “News Flash!”

  1. Toodles*** Says:

    Aww! I wish I were in Brooklyn. Or anywhere else you went. Do you think that you would ever come to Australia? I mean, I know it’s expensive for the flight and all, but could you maybe consider it for the future? Please?
    And haha. I thought the shark was saying I ❤ Burger King.

  2. Toodles*** Says:

    And sounds like a good idea for the past life readings. As long as they’re not too short.

  3. Toodles*** Says:

    Sorry- last comment, I promise, does anyone know any good Halloween songs? I’m gonna make a soundtrack for our party, but I can barely think of any!!!!
    So far I’ve got:
    1. This is Halloween
    2. The Monster Mash
    3. Thriller
    4. Purple People Eater (s?)
    5. Ghostbusters Theme
    And if I’m desperate:
    6. Witch Doctor
    Nothing too gory or creepy- there will be little kids.

  4. Claire Says:

    Personally, I like the long ones. I like the stories and the length seems to just be a part of them.

    But, of course, I’m not the one who’s decision it is.

  5. Marie Says:

    I love Before I Fall!! I met Lauren Oliver when she came to the amazing bookstore in my town, Copperfields.

  6. Mandy Says:

    I really enjoy reading the longer stories, but I understand that you have other constraints on your time (writing the 3rd Kiki Strike book, for instance). So if you had to make the readings shorter, I’d understand. And I just have to ask – are you ever going to come to southern California?

  7. Mike Says:

    In New York on Business and read the online version of the Sylva Herald. I grew up in Webster, NC as well. Cool to see see someone appreciate the city as much as I do. Congrats on your success.

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