You Were: The Adventuress

September 12, 2010

You grew up in a part of the world where the sun disappeared for half the year. Your parents ran the most famous candy store in Finland, a fact that should have ensured a fabulous childhood. But neither you nor your brothers were ever allowed to set foot in the shop or sample its delicious wares. (Do you often find yourself overcome by a craving for sweets? Is that craving often accompanied by a sense of injustice? If so, I think I may have discovered the reason.)

Until you were fifteen, you lived by your parents’ many rules. (Your mother kept a written list pinned to the nursery wall. It was well over three feet long.) You washed when they told you to. Studied in silence eight hours a day. Ate only the healthiest and blandest of foods. You went to sleep at eight o’clock and woke every morning before the crack of dawn to the sound of a clanging cow bell. (Do you despise waking up before the sun rises? Are you inexplicably annoyed by cattle? Have you ever thrown an alarm clock against the wall? If not, you will.)

Then one morning, when your mother came to wake you, she found your bed empty. And when your father went to open the candy store, he discovered it had been raided during the night. He later told the police that it looked as though the thief had taken enough candy to fill a large suitcase.

Actually, it had been a pillow case. With a three month supply of chocolate to keep you going, you had boarded a boat bound for Latvia. But that wasn’t your final destination. For the next fifteen years, you traveled through most of the countries on earth. You learned a dozen languages. Kicked hundreds of butts. Ate dishes that had barely stopped moving. Smuggled diamonds and searched the Amazon for El Dorado.

At last, in a bar on an island off the coast of Guyana, you finally discovered a reason to stay put. If you close your eyes and imagine these smells—sea air, frying fish, cheap whiskey and old fashioned cologne—you might just remember what it was.


3 Responses to “You Were: The Adventuress”

  1. Kartoffel Says:

    Personally I like such a short story more then the long ones, because it leaves even more space to dream.

  2. Daydreamer Says:

    But looking at it as a whole, how much more space is there really? If you had one past life, you probably had more, and chances are, you had a lot more. Who needs more space to dream in just one of them when there are so many more to dream about?

  3. Cricket Says:

    Awesome! Totally my thing. Cattle irritation? I’m allergic to them. I like the short description but the long ones were nice too, I think that when writing something it should be as long as your inspiration can carry it.

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