Sick Day

September 14, 2010

So I contracted some horrible disease at the Brooklyn Book Festival. I was planning to post a new PLR (past life reading) this afternoon, but I’ll have to wait until health returns tomorrow! (Cross your fingers.)

HOWEVER, I’m not going to make you go away empty handed. Last night, I was interviewed on the fabulous Internet show, This Week In! So check out the video here!! (And if for some reason that doesn’t work, here!)

AND!!! Take a look at my “Cover Story” over at wonderful author Melissa Walker’s blog.


5 Responses to “Sick Day”

  1. Rileydog Says:

    I am so sorry to hear you are sick!!! Feel better soon, I know how terrible it is to be sick, you don’t feel like doing anything. I just read the ‘cover story’ and it is great!!! Who knew the process to find the perfect book cover took so much time. The part about covers leading to jewelry and other things reminded me of those snake rings, will they be available to purchase, and if yes, then when? Okay, I’ll stop my rambling now.

  2. daisy Says:

    kirsten, i don’t know if anyone has told you this before (thought i’m sure i cannot be the first one who has ever noticed) but the way you raise your eyebrow is much like kiki strike does. not that i have ever seen kiki strike save for the cover art on the first book in the series which i think is the only official art anyway. i think out of all the irregulars you actually look most like her. very sophisticated and stylish (:

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