You Were: The Angel

September 23, 2010

It all started the year your parents decided to pack you off to a boarding school nestled deep in the hills of Vermont. You screamed and fought and argued about it for months. (It was just this sort of behavior that had led to your banishment.) But once you arrived in the tiny town that surrounded the school, a strange calm settled over you. Somehow you knew that was where you needed to be.

Less than two months after classes began, your school threw its annual Halloween masquerade ball. Most of your fellow students saw the party as a chance to put their wealth on display. The mail room quickly filled with packages from the most famous costume shops in New York and Paris. Jewels and tiaras were delivered by armed guards.

In your opinion, renting a costume or borrowing jewels was no different than cheating. You resolved to make your own outfit. You “borrowed” a crisp white bed sheet from a girl down the hall and ripped open the down pillow you’d brought from California. Three bottles of glue, a closet’s worth of clothes hangers, and a jar of pancake makeup were all you needed to complete your creation.

When you stood in front of the mirror that night, you had no way of knowing how much you resembled the marble angel that watched over the town’s only graveyard. Your classmates were equally clueless. And they weren’t impressed by your artistry. You endured a full hour of snickering and snide comments before you stormed out of the school, determined never to return.

As you made it all the way to the small bus stop in town. A lone woman was waiting on the bench outside, her eyes closed and her face troubled. She jumped when you dropped down beside her. But then a smile spread across her face, and she reached out a hand. For some reason you took it, and the two of you sat together for over an hour without saying a word. When the bus finally came, the woman said, “Thank you.” You waved at her as she rode away.

Back at boarding school, you folded your white gown and hid your wings in the closet. For the next four years, the townsfolk talked about an angel that sprung to life. Even your roommates never guessed it was you.


One Response to “You Were: The Angel”

  1. Chloe Says:

    I sent one of these in Aug. 5th but i don’t see it. I hope to see it soon. 🙂

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