You Were: The Girl Who Never Took No For An Answer

October 6, 2010

In all of your lives, you’ve possessed an unusual power. You’ve never been able to take no for an answer. As a child growing up in seventeenth century Italy, your parents informed you that little girls weren’t worthy of schooling. You put on your brother’s clothes and followed him to his classes. As a young woman living in Philadelphia at the turn of the century, you heard your father announce that women would never be given the vote. You made it your mission to make sure they were.

Over the years, you’ve driven countless people nuts. But you’ve also accomplished amazing things. And you’ve always gotten your way.

I’ve had to spend much of the past week in a trance, but I believe I may have finally traced the source of your confidence and persistence. In the fifth century BC, you were the leader of a band of warrior women who patrolled parts of the land now called Russia. The women who fought under your command never questioned your decisions. Not because they were scared of you, but because they truly believed you were always right. You weren’t, of course, but no one would ever have guessed it.

Eventually, you were captured by soldiers from a neighboring kingdom. Even bound and beaten, you still looked their leader in the eye and insisted he meet your demands. Never before had he seen a woman show such confidence. (In his land, women were treated little better than slaves.) You were starved, tortured, humiliated. Nothing could break you. When you refused to back down, the men began to get frightened. The soldiers whispered that you couldn’t possibly be human. Only a goddess could possibly behave as you did.

You were released, and the foreign soldiers agreed to stay off your soil. In the years that followed, your legend grew. As always, names were forgotten. Details were changed. And tall tales grew taller. But centuries later, you and your fellow warrior women were  still known throughout the world. You had been given many names, but in Greece, they called you Amazons.


4 Responses to “You Were: The Girl Who Never Took No For An Answer”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Whoo! Thanks for the awesome past life reading 😀

  2. This reading reminds me of a post you did on Ananka’s Diary about the Asgarda women in Ukraine.

  3. Chloe Says:

    I thought you said you were going to write mine next?

    btw, there’s this poetry/music slam in my school’s library coming soon and I decided to write a poem about The Eternal Ones! It was a prompt we had to do in Creative Writing Club where we had to write a song or poem about a book we’ve read. 🙂

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