You Were: The Poacher

October 9, 2010


There once was a time when the forests, meadows, and hills of Europe belonged to a small group of powerful men. The peasants may have plowed the fields, but they didn’t own the land, and most of the crops they grew were handed over as rent. The soil was fertile, but the poor often went hungry. And while the forests teemed with game, only the lords were allowed to hunt. If anyone else was caught with a hare or a deer, the punishment could be brutal.

You grew up in a small village where food should have been plentiful, but people were starving. By the time you were twelve, your father and brothers had all been convicted of poaching. While they languished in prison, you and your mother were left on your own. The Middle Ages wasn’t the best time for two women to live without male protection. But few dared mess with you or your mother. Those who did were found a few days later with arrows riddling their corpses. It was said that you and your mother had a secret guardian. Your neighbors wondered if it might be the same mysterious benefactor who seemed dedicated to making their own lives just a little bit better.

You weren’t at all modest about your prowess with a bow, and you desperately wanted to set them all straight. But you knew your archery skills must remain a secret. Otherwise, the lord of the land might notice that the peasants had started to look a little too healthy. And the bandits who’d once prowled the roads might figure out who it was that had chased them away. And your mother would know just how much danger you were courting every time you went for a “walk” in the woods.

So you kept your mouth shut. When you felt the need to brag, you’d dress as a man and enter an archery contest. But you always disappeared before it was time to claim the top prize. By the age of twenty, you were already a legend in your own time. Too bad no one ever realized that the original Robin was a girl.


3 Responses to “You Were: The Poacher”

  1. kikistrike'sgrrl Says:

    thats beast

  2. Chloe Says:

    Wow! Awesome story! Thanks for the past life reading!! I really liked it! 😀

  3. Rileydog Says:

    That is really cool!!! So how do you choose which people to do a reading for? Is it by the order they were submitted? Because I submitted mine around the end of July, but I haven’t seen my reading yet. I’m just curious 🙂

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