My Review: Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade

October 11, 2010

Some reviewers might praise Nightshade for it’s thrilling new take on werewolves. (Although “werewolves” might not be the right word.) Other reviewers might choose to explore the book’s fascinating parallel world in which witches, wolves, and humans live side by side. Me? I’m going to focus on all the lovin’ going on in Nightshade. This is totally out of character for me. I am not the kind of girl who keeps romance books tucked under her pillow. But Nightshade has one of the juciest love triangles to hit YA fiction. And such excellence should not be ignored.

Beautiful, white-haired Calla leads of a pack of Guardians—wolves that are able to assume human form. For as long as anyone can remember, the Guardians have served the Keepers, the witches who rule the world. Fierce warriors, the Guardians protect the Keepers’ territory and secrets from their mortal enemies, a group of rival witches called the Searchers. It’s always been this way. The Keepers are good. The Searchers are evil. And the Guardians don’t ask any questions.

Ever since she was a child, Calla has been told that the Keepers have matched her with Ren, the leader of another pack of young Guardians. Now their union is drawing near. Calla is anxious, but she isn’t about to fight fate. Ren may be a bit of a Lothario, but he’s charming, handsome, and good hearted. And he drives her crazy in all the right ways. Not a terrible match to make.

But then someone new arrives on the scene. Mysterious Shay Doran has recently moved to town, and he’s started asking the questions that no one else has bothered to ask. Why must the Guardians obey the witches’ every command? Why are the Keepers and Searchers at war? And what right do the Keepers have to match Calla with another wolf? Especially now that it’s becoming so clear that Calla belongs with Shay.

Okay, I’ll stop there. It’s very difficult to create a believable love triangle. Most of the time it’s clear from the beginning who will end up with the girl (or the guy). This isn’t the case with Nightshade. Both of Calla’s love interests are worthy of her affection. Both are prepared to make any sacrifice for her. And both are hot, hot, hot. Either one could make a girl happy. I’d be thrilled if she ended up with Ren OR Shay. But here’s the thing . . .  I DON’T KNOW who she chooses!

Nightshade ends in a cliffhanger. But I’ve been told that the next book in the three book series should be out soon. And I’ll be doing everything I can to get my hands on an early copy!

Check out the Nightshade website and trailer.

Visit Andrea’s website and blog!

And be sure to check out Shay Doran’s facebook page, his blog, and his youtube page!


2 Responses to “My Review: Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade”

  1. kikistrike'sgrrl Says:

    hmm. white hair, souinds kind of like Kiki Strike…. interesting…. 🙂

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