Adventures in Texas

October 18, 2010

I just got back from my second favorite city in the world–Austin, Texas! I always love going to the book festival down there. Not only is it a chance to meet some wonderful authors, it’s often my last chance to experience a little good weather before it gets dreadfully cold here in New York.

This year, there was a big bonus:  The chance to participate in a panel that was held in one of the coolest settings ever. (See above.) The room was in the Texas State Capitol Building. I have no idea what kind of business usually takes place there, but I felt very, very powerful. Ha. And the panel itself was pretty amazing. That’s me (trying to look tough) with authors Mary Mancusi (Gamer Girl, Bad Blood, Girls That Growl), Andrea Cremer (Nightshade) and Heather Brewer (The Chronicles of Vladamir Tod). And a big thanks to Soren for stopping by!

I’d also like to thank the lovely ladies from Amarillo who saved my butt later in the evening. (And Andrea’s and Heather’s.) We were stranded at an event. No taxis in sight. Then six heroines appeared in a minivan and offered us a ride to our hotel. If only I could think of a way to repay you . . . (And I WILL repay you. I never forget a good deed.)

So now that I’m back in New York for a while, it’s time to get this party started again. Look for a past life reading later today!


2 Responses to “Adventures in Texas”

  1. Rileydog Says:

    So that’s where you went. We hadn’t heard from you in a while from either blog, I’m glad you didn’t get abducted by alien cows, haha. You’ve been traveling a lot lately, is there a chance you will be coming to Washington State in the near future? *hopeful expression*

  2. Rileydog Says:

    Oh, and I’m curious as to how you choose the submissions to write a PLR for. Is it in order they were submitted? ‘Cuz I submitted mine in July or August but I haven’t gotten a reading yet. I know they’re really backed up though, and I can’t believe you’re doing this for everyone!!! It takes so much effort!! You’re amazing Kirsten!!

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