You Were: The Rainmaker

October 22, 2010


Eight hundred years ago, the cliffs and canyons of the Southwestern US were home to some of the most remarkable cities ever created by human hands. Their builders carved multi-story homes into rock. They constructed tall towers and dug sunken rooms for their ceremonies. So skilled were these ancient architects that their cities can still be visited today. The people who lived there disappeared long ago. We don’t know what the Puebloans called themselves. Centuries later, the Navajos gave them the name that stuck. Anasazi:  The Ancient Ones.

You were born in the Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde, located in what is now Colorado. Your parents were ordinary folk. But they quickly realized that they had produced an extraordinary child. When you were less than two years old, you took a bad tumble and broke your arm. It never healed properly and you rarely used it. In fact, the only purpose it seemed to serve was to point upwards at the sky. The gesture, your parents soon discovered, was always followed by rain.

Throughout your childhood, you were known as the Rainmaker. You ate the best food, dressed in the finest raiment, and slept on the softest bed. It may sound like a pleasant existence. But you couldn’t have been more miserable. Someone was always watching you, twenty-four hours a day, waiting for you to point at the sky. You weren’t allowed to play with the other children who scampered along the cliff walls. When you grew older, you were forbidden to marry or start your own family. Nothing could threaten your health or well-being.

One day when you were nineteen years old, you felt the familiar ache in your arm. As the hours passed, it grew into a throbbing pain. A storm like no other was approaching the city. When you gave the sign, your people rejoiced. It had been months since the last rain had arrived.

When the first drops began to fall, everyone abandoned their homes to dance beneath the clouds. When your guardians joined the festivities, you quietly slipped out of the canyon and began your search for happiness and another home. (You found both, but that’s another story.)


4 Responses to “You Were: The Rainmaker”

  1. That girl looks a lot like a girl i know named Elizabeth!!

  2. Delila Says:


  3. Jessi Says:

    🙂 You know, I actually like this. Not that the others were bad or anything – no, they are each unique, wittily funny, and bring a smile to my lips – but this one somehow just was… different. It went very well with the picture, too.

    I find it kind of funny that you did a review and interview for The Replacement – just three days ago, when I purchased your book at Barnes & Noble – yay! – I was having a debate between The Eternal Ones and The Replacement. Naturally I chose yours, something I do not regret. Already I’ve read it five times. 😀

    I digress. My point was? Love it.

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