You Were: The Party Girl

October 27, 2010

It was the Swinging Sixties, and you were the most fashionable girl in London. Every night you went out on the town to dance and be wooed by Beetles, Bonds, and various members of the ruling class. Your family called you the wild child.  Your mother fainted the first time she saw your collection of miniskirts. Your father swore you were doomed to a life of depravity the day you dropped out of university.

And yet, no matter how hard you seemed to party, you always made it to work on time the next day. You were a nurse in the office of a noted veterinarian. His clients were a “Who’s Who” of the English aristocracy, and his practice had always been successful. But once you came along, every dog in London seemed to come down with a cold.

When the animals arrived at the office, you took them from their owners and led them to an examination room. It was a short walk, but you had plenty of time to perform your real function. Tiny listening devices were hidden in the collars of new dogs. Dogs returning had their “bugs” either replaced or removed.

You’d been recruited by MI5 in your first year at Cambridge. And your miniskirts had had nothing to do with it. The spies were looking for a serious young woman with a love of animals and flair for electronics. You fit the bill perfectly.

MI5 had learned that someone close to the Duke of Edinburgh was slipping secrets to the Soviets. Embarrassing secrets that might be used to blackmail the royal family. The roster of suspects was long, and the names on the list belonged to some of the most respected men in Britain. MI5 didn’t dare bug their homes. So they’d decided to bug their beloved dogs instead.

Without your technical expertise, however, the plan would have never made it off the ground. The transmitters the MI5 engineers had built were much too bulky to hide in a dog collar. You designed, delivered, and personally positioned the bugs that managed to get the job done.

The spies were caught, but their names remain classified. As for the secrets they’d planned to send to Moscow, let’s just say that the Queen and her family owe you a big one.


One Response to “You Were: The Party Girl”

  1. sophie Says:

    *does happy dance*
    nice, I really want to be a vet, maybe a spy vet =D
    thank you so much!!

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