You Were: Blackbeard’s Daughter

November 12, 2010


Oak Island is a tiny chunk of land that lies just off the coast of Canada. Yet despite its size, Oak Island has been one of the world’s most famous isles for over two hundred years. That’s because it’s home to what’s known as the Money Pit.

At the end of the eighteenth century, a sixteen-year-old boy discovered a strange, circular cavity on one tip of the island. Thinking he’d found the site of a buried pirate treasure, he recruited some friends to help him dig. The boy and his friends kept digging and digging, until their hole was thirty feet deep. The things they discovered inside the pit made them certain they were on the verge of finding a fortune. One was a stone with engraved symbols that are believed to have read “forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried.” (So much for subtlety.)

But there was nothing forty feet below—except for more tantalizing clues and quite a few deadly booby-traps. Over the past two hundred years, fortunes and lives have been lost in the Money Pit. And to this day, none of the treasure hunters has found a dime. (Read more here.)

That’s because you took everything the hole had to offer in 1719, just months after your father, the famed pirate Blackbeard, finally met his maker.

You were just a little girl when you overheard your father making the plans to bury—and booby-trap—his treasure. If he’d known you’d been listening, you might have shared the same watery fate as the men who helped him see his plan to fruition. So you didn’t say a word. Instead, you spent a decade learning everything you’d need to know to steal a fortune from the father you loathed.

Then, when you were seventeen years old, you got word that Blackbeard was dead. On that very day, you cut off your long, golden locks and dressed up as a young man. The next morning you were aboard a whaling ship that was bound for the waters off North America.

As soon as the ship neared Nova Scotia, you stole a lifeboat and rowed ashore. It didn’t take you long to reach Oak Island, and you had no trouble finding the site of the buried treasure. You knew all about the booby-traps hidden inside the hole, and you decided not to dig straight down. Instead, you dug a diagonal tunnel and took the treasure without any trouble.

A few months later (you needed the time to let your hair grow out a bit), you arrived in Boston, dressed in the latest, most extravagant fashions. You introduced yourself around town as a young, widowed countess. No one wanted to question a girl with so much money to spend, so your story was accepted by all. You married well, lived lavishly, and produced six children. When you were an elderly woman, you heard of the “discovery” on Oak Island. You laughed so hard that you died on the spot.


2 Responses to “You Were: Blackbeard’s Daughter”

  1. Kelia Says:

    Yay! Thank you! I can see myself doing that 😀

  2. Paige Says:

    that’s how i want to go: laughing

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