And the Next Volunteer Will Be . . .

November 21, 2010


7 Responses to “And the Next Volunteer Will Be . . .”

  1. Tapir Says:

    Not yet.

  2. Grace Joyner Says:

    i”ve always had a feeling i wasn’t where i was meant to be. i feel as if i belong somewhere that’s far from where i live in kansas which is totally strange because i like t here alot. i have dreams……about a man. i had a vision once when i was little. it was the only vision i can remember. the man was very tall wearing a black top hat and a long black cloak/trench coat. it was dark all around. i’m taking a huge riskby senfing this to you because my fammily is religous and they never leave me alone. i’m sitting in the family room with them all and i’m surprised they haven’t noticed anything. back to the dreams. thay haven’t happened in a while but they were all the same exact dreams. please try to help me find out if i was born again….thank you,

    ps. i read your book the eternal ones and that’s what gave me the bravery boost. 🙂

    -Grace J.

    • Wow! Well first of all, thanks for being so brave! The man’s clothing might be a clue. Have you ever tried to figure out what era (and place) it might belong to? That would be a good start. And you remember any other specific details?

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